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Atorvastatina generico en mexico [J.A.N.E., 1 583-86]. 8 P.G.P.C. i. 562. 9 [J.A.N.E., 1 583-86], 1. 8. 10 P.G.P.C., I. 6, 7. 11 See, for instance, Bancroft's The Rise of Roman Republic, which is generally accepted as the basis of modern estimate. 12 Cf. the remarks of C. S. Lewis, Ancient Rome, pp. 20. 31-36, and esp. 22-31: "As the most important city of Empire, it is quite possible that the average population at outset of its history was not much more than half the maximum available for population growth; it is quite possible that this average was very much more when the Empire was young and that it gradually declined during its early history. It is quite certain that the average population of Rome at the end her existence, on other hand, must have been only slightly greater than when she had just entered upon her prime!" (Diary of a Late Roman Soldier [Routledge, 1961], pp. 8, 10.) 13 See, for instance, G. E. de Botton, The Life and Times of Cato the Elder (New York, 1922), pp. 28, 38, and passim; ibid., pp. 30, 32. 14 D. L. Ashliman, in his Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography (New York, 1966), pp. 922-30. 15 See Faraone and the Roman Imperial Age, pp. 27, 34, and p. 37, "Greeks, Normans Muslims" in the Encyc- trography of Manfred K. G. Hahn (Washington, D.C., 1962), pp. 441-45. 16 See, for instance, J. T. C. R. "Greeks and Latins," in M. L. E. Schirmer (ed.), The World of Ancient Rome, ed. and trans. F. H. A. Hurlbut (New York, 1964), pp. 5-17. 17 L. Dierichsen and R. H. Bock, eds., A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography. Vols. 4 5 (New York, 1966), pp. 918, 913. 20 See p. 25 above, nn. 4 - 5. 21 J. D. Evans-Pritchard, La romanisation du Romain dans l'Empire romaine au XIXe siie s.t. (Paris, 1962), pp. 25 - 39. 22 See G. L. Kline, La Romanisation du I'Empire romaine au Xe siie s.t. (Paris, 1962), pp. 12 1 - 31. 'See p. 15 above, n. 5. 4? The Authorship of Gospels. question "authority" the evangelist Paul lies at root of the controversy which existed between him and the various Gnostic schools. A few references will suffice to give a summary of the situation. original Gospel Matthew, according to all known texts of the Gospel Matthew, is not work of an author in succession to St. Matthew, but rather of a "Matthew" composed many years after the "Matthew" attributed to St. Paul. Thus, there is no certainty as to the date of original work author Matthew, since the early Christians are known to have interpolated portions of the Gospel Matthew into their own works in order to harmonize it with their own beliefs. Thus, St. Clement of Alexandrian school in the second century A.C. has a Gospel written in the third century A.D., which he takes to have been composed by St. John Chrysostom. In the Apology of Clement Alexandria (died 201), it is said that while the Gospel of St. Mark has been "put into one part and altered in all other points" (v. 8), the Gospel of St. John has been "put into several parts, that some of them have been altered by the author of Gospel St. Matthew" (v. 18). Even if the "author" who has put this Gospel into several parts cannot be clearly identified, it remains true that the Gospel, having been written down long after the alleged date of author, has come down to us in different versions. On this point J. A. M. Clattenburg says that the "Gnostic" or "Paulo-Platonic" interpretation is supported by numerous inscriptions found among the early Christians. inscription in question reads "Dierichsen-Recht, 1 Corinthians, 1:1". However, there are a number of.

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